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Къща за гости Дядо Петковата къща - Елена, Еленски балкан Къща за гости Петковата къща Настаняване в къща за гости Петковата къща Развлечения в къща за гости Еленски балкан Петковата къща Контакти и връзка с къща за гости Еленски балкан Петковата къща Къща за гости Елена в България Галерия за къща за гости Еленски балкан Петковата къща Еко-пътеката Марков-Раюв камък - Къща за гости Еленски балкан Цени за наемане на къща за гости Петковата къща Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta, Buinovtsi village, Bulgaria Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta Accomodation guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta Your free time in guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta Contact guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta gallery Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta gallery Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta "Markov Rock" Prices - Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria

  The beauty of Bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
Bulgaria is a piece of heaven. It impresses with the beauty of azure, warm sea and the magnificent mountains covered with snow.
Although Bulgaria occupies only 2% of the territory of Europe it is generously gifted with natural landmarks and diversity of landscape, mild moderate climate, rich variety of flora and fauna, and abundance of curative mineral springs. Very beautiful and picturesque are the mountains of Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina, and the Rhodopes with their old forests, numerous caves, magnificent gorges, waterfalls and lakes.
A site of interest in Rila are the Seven glacial lakes. There are the highest summit on the Balkan Peninsula - Moussala, the oldest biosphere reserve - Parangalitza, which is a part of the National park Rila. In Pirin Mountain there are many glacial lakes. The beautiful Popinolashki waterfall and the Pyramids of Melnik are situated there. The National Park Pirin is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

In Stara Planina Mountain there are lots of caves and waterfalls. The marvelous Iskar gorge, the caves of Lednitzata, the National Park 'Central Balkan', and the Natural Park 'Sinite kamani' are located in the mountain.
The Rhodopes Mountain is one of the oldest mountains in Bulgaria.Very interesting are the Karst areas with their deep river gorges, large caves and specific sculptured forms - the Trigrad Gorge, Buynovsko Gorge, Devil's Throat cave, Yagodinska cave, Uhlovitza cave, Wonderful Bridges.

In the Bulgarian mountains there are marvelous winter resorts, which offer excellent conditions for recreation. Some of them are Borovetz resort, Semkovo resort, Pamporovo resort, Bansko, Smolyan, Devin, Chepelare and etc.
Along the Black Sea coast there are also many opportunities for ecological tourism: the natural reserve of Kamchia near Varna, Atanasovo lake and Mandra lake near Bourgas and etc.

In Bulgaria there are numerous ecologically clean places, which have preserved their traditional appearance and genuine spirit. There one has the opportunity simultaneously to enjoy the marvelous Bulgarian nature and to share the preserved rich Bulgarian traditions and folklore. Elena and its region, Shiroka luka and its region, Melnik, Tryavna, Rupite, Kotel, Zheravna, Bozhentzi, Arbanassi, Kovachevtzi, Koprivshtitsa are only some of those places.

Bulgaria is proud of its 3 national and 10 natural parks that have preserved the diversity, unspoiled beauty and the uniqueness of its natural and cultural heritage. These are the natural parks of Rila, Pirin and Central Balkan and the natural parks of Russenski Lom, Vrachanski Balkan, Strandja, Persina, , Shumensko plato, Golden Sands, Vitosha, Sinite kamani, Rila Monastery, and Bulgarka. Very interesting is the reserve of Srebarna, included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Bulgaria has the abundance of 600 hot, warm and cold natural mineral springs and 370 drilling springs. The water has different chemical composition, degree of mineralization, types of dissolvable salts, medical gases, biologically active microcomponents, temperature and healing properties. The favourable, healthy climate and the presence of balneo-resources in Bulgaria offer possibilities to combine one' s rest with prophylactics and treatment. The most famous spa resorts are: Velingrad, Narechen, Varshets, Kiustendil, Kostenetz, Sapareva banya, Sandanski, Sofia, Pomorie, Pavel banya, Hissarya.

  Elena city
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
Elena Balkan - a piece of heaven! There you will find a combination of magnificent nature, preserved Bulgarian traditions and customs and rich historical heritage. There is something for everyone's taste.
For the fans of hiking and mountain tourism there are numerous picturesque eco tracks and tourist routes that reveal the natural beauties of Stara planina mountain.

The marvelous ski tracks and infrastructure at Chumerna peak and the village of Miikovci offer wonderful opportunities for practicing winter sports. The admirers of fishing can practice the favorite hobby in Yovkovtsi dam.
In the town of Elena you will submerge into the romantic atmosphere of talented wood carvers and builders. In the numerous small hamlets in the region such as Buinovtsi, Miikovci, Hunevtsi, Balutsi, Yakovtsi you will get closer to Bulgarian traditions and customs in a typical folklore atmosphere. Elena region is a heaven for the fans of country and eco tourism.
In the monasteries of Plakovtsi, Kilifarevo, Kapinovski - keepers of Bulgarian spirit - you will get acquainted with the interesting history of the region.

  Buinovtsi village
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
accomodation guesthouse elena bulgaria
Village of Buinovtsi is located 10 km south to the town of Elena, along the road Elena – Tvarditsa. It is situated on a high place at the foot of the Ostrets hill, 600 m above sea level.
The village has southern and eastern exposure, from where reveals a lovely view to the ridge of the Stara planina Mountains and its Chumerna peak on south, to the Shipka on west and to the Tuzluka peak on east. The river of Borovshtitsa (Miikovska) is located to the east of the village and the catchment’s area of the Vesselina river is located to the west.
The "St. St. Kiril and Metodii" community center was established in 1928. In 1910 was built the school and in 1939 – community house.
There was a custom house from the Liberation of Bulgaria (1878) till the Unification of the Bulgarian Principality and Eastern Rumelia.
The "St. Iliya Prophet" church was built in 1836 in the place of an old one, which was destroyed during the Turkish invasion. It was destroyed during the Russian – Turkish war (1877 – 1878) and rebuilt again in 1890.
There has been Forestry since many years. The wood industry is a main occupation of the people in the village even today.
It is considered that the village was found when Bulgaria fell under Turkish yoke. Only few houses with big eaves and outside wood boarding, which date back from that time, are preserved. In the past there were century old forests in the place of the village. According to the names of some places in the area it may say that there were coniferous trees as well. The name "Gradishteto" in the southern slopes of the Ostrets hill is an evidence for old settlements.
There are some legends for the origin of the name of the village. One of them says that there had been a monastery in this difficult to reach place in the past. Another legend says that grandfather Buino had been settled a village in that place during the years of the Turkish yoke. According to another legend the village name comes from the lush forests, among which the first inhabitants has been settled.

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