Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta "Markov Rock"

Къща за гости Дядо Петковата къща - Елена, Еленски балкан Къща за гости Петковата къща Настаняване в къща за гости Петковата къща Развлечения в къща за гости Еленски балкан Петковата къща Контакти и връзка с къща за гости Еленски балкан Петковата къща Къща за гости Елена в България Галерия за къща за гости Еленски балкан Петковата къща Еко-пътеката Марков-Раюв камък - Къща за гости Еленски балкан Цени за наемане на къща за гости Петковата къща Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta, Buinovtsi village, Bulgaria Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta Accomodation guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta Your free time in guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta Contact guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta gallery Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta gallery Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta "Markov Rock" Prices - Guesthouse Diado Petkovata Kashta
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The eco-trail "Markov-Raiov Rock" starts 3 km south of Elena just off of the Elena-Tvurditza pass. For those who want, we can bring you to the trailhead by car. The trail continues in elevation and travels along the natural landmark "Markov Rock". According to the legend, these rocks were thrown by Krali Marko (a mythical Bulgarian hero) at a posse of Turks who were leading a chain gang of Bulgarian maidens.

Further ahead the eco-trail passes over a rock outcropping from which you have a wonderful view of the whole Elena valley and the northern slopes of the Balkans with the local favorite Chumerna Peak at 1536 m. Upon approaching the plateau, you will be left breathless at the wonders of nature- the mosses, rocks in the form of needles, the hills and valleys; all of this in a beautiful oak and hornbeam forest.

For those who wish, we can organize a picnic with a fire and specialties from Elena. At the end of the plan you will find another natural landmark-"Raiov Rock". You will come upon a 20 meter rock formation, if you climb up on it you will be treated with a view of the "Yovkovtsi" reservoir. In order to make the most out of your trip, with the help of experienced instructors you can rappel down the rocks. . The trail continues with a decent from the mountain elevation, it goes past the small village of Shumka where you will reach an asphalt road. Continuing down the meandering road towards Elena there is a nice view of the north slope of the Elena valley, where you can see the old health school. You will pass the small villages of Gorni Genovtsi and Miroslavtsi and before you know it you will be back in Elena.